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It comes at an affordable price, too.

This text editor works in rich text, HTML, RTF and DOC file format. It has the ability to sort, search, create text links, insert pictures, correct indentation and stick to the margins. The program can export tables, sound clips, docx, html and odt documents. In conclusion, the software allows you to deal with all types of texts in a convenient manner.

Price: Free

The program comes

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The program can connect to up to 10 devices at the same time.
You can also implement personal firewall and run it on the local interface.

The main advantage of Cattyper is the integration with commands that you can type and send to the browser inside games and web sites through external device connection. In this way, additional functionality such as auto-login, auto-download, auto-join, download links opening in a new window are offered.
Cattyper can also be

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■ No scheduling
■ Can not exceed attachments limit

CLRMail allows you to send e-mails to your pager, cellphone or other devices when a NT alert has been triggered. This is one of simplest, fastest and easies ways to monitor your systems.
For example, you can send an email when you run low on diskpace or CPU usage exceeds 80%.
-.NET Framework 2.0
– Nag in emails

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■ 60 MB of hard disk space
How to install:
1. Download the program and install it in your hard disk.
2. The program will be extracted in the same directory where you unzipped the setup file.
3. Open notepad, and a text file will be created in the directory where the program will be installed called install.txt. Double-click on it and follow the instructions provided.
If a problem arises you can always check the Read

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Form factor: Windows2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Purpose: Desktop application. Target users: Users who do not want to type the password while connecting to the computer.


– It protects the data and the computer system.

– It requires no intervention from the users when they log on to their system. Thus, it is very easy to use.

– When the computer is lost or stolen, there

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So, if you are looking for an easy tool that will empower you to get on with the process rather than spend time tweaking your shots, then the program might be just what you need.

The transition from paper to digital is in full swing, and the owner of a Kodak camera has reasons to be confident in the possibility to let his photos be handled and protected. Among the Sony SP-DSR, basic Optical Stabilizer (OS) and various filters for your photographs,

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ManageEventCreate shortcuts for your favorite events (Christmas, vacation, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, births). Use drag & drop to re-arrange your favorites.
Show your friends which dates are important for you, them and your social life.

VMeasure 2.3
Image measuring and straightening tool to automatically measure, straighten and crop images with one click, regardless of their orientation. VMeasure is easy to use even for

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Syncs to SQL Azure
· Edith Demo
· Hello World Application using AppFabric
· Using Blobs in a Worker Role
· Installing Visual Studio 2012 for Windows Azure Development
· Windows Azure Role Tutorial
· SQL Azure Backup
· Microsoft Web Deploy Windows Azure Deployment Guide
· Windows Azure WebTest

Community Docs

Windows Azure Training Kit presentations


What is Windows Azure?
Windows Azure is a platform for building, hosting and

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The purchase options come in the form of tokens which can be purchased here. But is that really a problem? The service itself is quite well worth the money, so why else not. After all, the money you spend can not guarantee a better overall experience. It’s hard to believe this character creator has been around for so long without more popularity. But, even if it’s not a piece of cake to use, the application is intuitive and everything you would wish for in a character creator is right

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In other words, the app makes it so that you can access sites that are censured, not simply a particular site.
Free VPN connections are limited to 32Kbps data speed
On top of all of the aforementioned functionalities, the app also packs a handy client with several useful features that include the following:

per server

real-time traffic monitoring

per IP (connection)

connections on multiple devices



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Safe Sleep is available via the Windows Store for Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016.
Keywords: OS Power Options Sleep Mode

Every scientist has a horror story about why they can’t publish. From unwarranted rejection letters to unhelpful facilitators at conferences, these situations have a tendency to discourage a great number of researchers from pursuing their dreams in the world of academia.
With the undeniable success of open science and more open access

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■ TGUP should be run in background, even if without user’s attention
There are three layouts which can be used for work with TGUP:
■ Folder based layout:
TGUP stores its configuration in a folder called e.g. “TGUP”. When you want to start the application, double click on this folder in the shell.
– Folder: the directory of the desired applications.
– Kernel: the directory of the

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It’s value for money and a must-have software.

AVI-FLV-MPG Converter with built-in AVI video editor has achieved fine results in converting any popular formats to AVI. It supports any formats and codecs, including MPEG and MOV, WMV and ASF, as well as avi, mpeg, MVI, wmv, 3gp and many others. You can choose the various encoding parameters for those selected files. The output

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All in all, there is a lot to like about this application.
Compatibility with a lot of file types and the possibility of batch converting.
Gives you the option to crop images, flip, rotate and apply some kind of effects.
The user interface is clean and modern.
Save time by reducing the amount of conversion-related processing.
Can work as a standalone program, and it is possible to create PDF or PostScript photo albums.
The level

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If you have multiple lines or many lines in the buffer that are not separated by spaces, you will probably have to play with some settings in the settings code. This is a beta version that works for me. Anyone who can fix it please fix it. If I manage to fix it before the release I will make the source code available.
Also feel free to leave feedback/suggestions.


– Error message pops up when it’s run.
– Date format

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System Adviser (link) is a link & social community to become involved in a better tomorrow. The site advisor helps users to get from point A to point Z which include Securing systems, Saving money, Cleaning reviews.

Tips to clean the calendar app on Windows 10

The Edge browser has a calendar option that allows you to plan out your schedule in an organized and easy-to-use way. Some tasks need to be done to your calendar manually, especially those …

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JMouse is a very simple utility that allows you to turn a traditional gamepad into a mouse and use it anywhere on the operating system.
We’re pretty sure it all sounds very complicated and most users are tempted to believe that it’s also a very complex and painful process, but JMouse makes it very easy.

Because there’s nothing more to do than to open the app, configure the buttons and let it run in the System Tray; it waits for your 8cee70152a esidfab

Apart from running regular checkups to spot any threats, you have the option to quarantine items when you’re not sure if they’re safe or not. Moreover, there are various tools that you can use to manage both your computer and its software. However, be mindful that the antivirus will slow down the system. If that’s an issue for you, then we recommend using the standalone version.

Overall, Agnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro is one of the
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Another impressive aspect to note is that you can use Gantt Chart Maker for Access as a standalone desktop application to meet your development needs with minimal financial spending.Q:

Inserting a MultiIndex into Pandas

I’m facing some issues in pandas inserting a MultiIndex dynamically.
For example, I’d like to convert
index = [(‘A’, ‘E’, ‘I’, ‘Q’, ‘U’, ‘-‘), (‘B’, ‘D
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Is a set of iOS icons that you can use to enhance your applications’ look.

License: «Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International». By using this kit, you agree to the license terms.

These are ment for iOS apps.

License: «Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International». By using this kit, you agree to the license terms.

These are ment for iOS apps.

License: «Creative
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 A sample notebook is included, that demonstrate the basics of working with the tool by performing basic operations on two distributions and showing the results in a variety of plot types. The tool is:
free, open source, well-documented, and written in python,
takes as input multiple distributions and their corresponding variable data,
perform calculations on data,
has as output a variety of statistical plots,
and will run on any OS since it is python based.

These features
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The Start Menu Cleaner application was designed to be a tool that cleans the start menu by removing unneeded shortcuts and folders.
Most applications adds folders and shortcuts to the start menu. The problem is, when you remove the program, its folders and shortcuts sometimes remains in the start menu.
This can make your start menu somewhat messy. Start Menu Cleaner scans all shortcuts in your start menu and removes empty folders and shortcuts which points to files that no longer exist. The result is a
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All GT-100 User Patches are managed using an intuitive interface, in order to speed up and ease the process of preparing GT-100 Librarian.
The tool supports bookmarks, browsing through the various types of information, and re-ordering them based on their creation date. GT-100 Librarian allows you to quickly search through all of the patches that have already been created by using wildcards and regular expressions.
GT-100 Librarian supports a wide variety of file formats and ge
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Tycheo is a JavaScript UI builder for creating single and multiple page application. The main advantage to this tool is the extensive library of widgets that it provide from which to build your interface, as well as the originality of its back-end logic, which is based on data binding.

MSI Clipper’s powerful, sophisticated real-time components and solutions make it an essential tool for the audio professional engaged in the development of high-tech computer-based media systems
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If you are an online Hebrew Bible Student, Teacher or Lecturer, you can use it in order to easily search and write on all of the Hebrew Bible.

The main benefits of the program:
– Modern Windows 2000/XP (32bit) OS
– Easy installation process
– Not user-friendly
– Developer can’t change any settings
– Developer can’t change anything in the program
– Write documents quickly

Known issues:
– Missing characters in the character
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The main benefit is derived from the simple and user-friendly on screen interface, as well as from the fact that you don’t have to be an expert in graphic arts in order to start working with the tool.
It also features a convenient drag-and-drop support to insert images, a palette with brushes and a wide range of tools for enhancing and manipulating photos.

PHOTOBUCKET Image Editor – An Image Editor for amateur photographers, pixel manipulators and vector
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Adding an image to a UIView on an iPhone when touching the screen

I have a UIView in an xib. When the user touches anywhere on the UI, an image is added below the view to show a process is happening.
How could I toggle this on/off?
Some example code is below; I have a UIImageView property that stores the UIView when the UIView is initially added.
– (void)
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It may help system administrators and regular users alike and does what it says without any mishap.

Leawo DVD to Air Video Converter is the ideal tool for users who need to convert DVDs to air video formats. Leawo is a strong and stable air video converter, which provides more than 120 different air video formats to choose from to help you convert DVD/VCD to air video files. It supports all mainstream video files such as HD AVI, MKV, MP4
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It is, therefore, a good way to know how to write keyboards when one does not have much time to practice.
However, the program does have some downsides as well. One of them is that users must be at least 14 years old to download and use Typing Instructor Deluxe.
Additionally, the program can be used up to 30 times per day. This means that the person will probably end up spending quite some time on Typing Instructor Deluxe. Overall, the program is a convenient
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There are many ways to bypass the captcha and we are going to enlist some of them for you in the list of The Pirate Bay proxy servers we have compiled. In this article, we have also created a table of Pirate Bay proxy servers and their IP addresses by category so you can have a guided selection.

These proxy servers will work as long as they are connected to the internet and are able to copy The Pirate Bay page to your computer. When you have decided on the pirate
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Simply connect to the Internet, there you can setup and control your equipment.
If you wish to start an application by pressing a hotkey combination, for example: Win + P -> Launch my media player with Speaker off. Later, Win + Shift + P -> Launch media player with Speaker on.
If you wish to turn off your amp speakers while it is going off, press Fn + P to turn off your amp speakers (by pressing Fn we mean ctrl).
There are several requirements
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The sign has been up since last week, but more than 1,000 of the city’s residents think it’s a better advertising strategy than the block-long grass at City Hall.

Alberta Beach, made famous for the drag queens who huddle there, has been turned into an all-gay prom, complete with a Tuxedo ballroom and a lineup of drag dancers in tuxedos and ball gowns.

But its most-famous
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Molecule Constructor is available for both PC and MAC. If you decide to install it, you can run this application immediately from the disk without any further installation process. The files are in English only, but you can translate the entire interface to other languages thanks to its support of any language. Also, being a freeware version, the program has few security restrictions which you can review in detail. However, you need to make sure that you have an up-to-date copy of
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Some probably your PC doesn’t meet minimum requirements: Windows and ASP.NET. require Windows Vista and above, Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. It’s necessary install 64-bit version of Windows. It also requires Internet Explorer 9 or above. Or you can use onlinedownload of active If your PC doesn’t meet these requirements, you may download Gordago free from our site and work.
As you know that PostgreSQL
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If you want to use it in the programs, you will probably have to use TTF fonts. To do so, just click on the small toolbar at the top of your Web browser and click View/Advance Settings; then there will be an option in the list which enable you to select the desired font.
Abe can look very vast and intimidating for people who are not that accustomed to it, but once you master it, it will look awesome. Some of the quality features of this
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The quality of the audio engine is on a high level, and audio configuration is straightforward. Dragon II sets a framework for your sound experimentation rather than limiting you from building something different.
What is missing?
The audio application lacks some important features from a professional quality point of view. For example, the application provides no feedback to let you know how you are performing the adjustments correctly; therefore, you should be careful before turning certain options on. Sizable drum kits is also missing, but you can
50e0806aeb heabene